About the Foundation

The Joanna Foundation was established in 1945 as an eleemosynary corporation in the State of South Carolina with broad charitable purposes. At that time, The Joanna Foundation operated primarily for the benefit of the citizens of Joanna, South Carolina, home of Joanna Cotton Mills Company.

The founders were Mr. Walter Regnery, president of Joanna Cotton Mills Company, and Mr. William H. Regnery, president of the parent company, Joanna Western Mills of Chicago. Learn more about our history.

Our Purpose and Mission

The Foundation is “dedicated to community betterment … promoting the causes of health and education, and other worthwhile improvements.”

Our purpose is to support organizations and programs that strengthen community capacity and enhance individual involvement in achieving a better quality of life. The primary beneficiaries are residents of the following areas in South Carolina: Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester Counties as well as the communities of Newberry and Joanna, SC.

Counties we support in South Carolina

Our Calendar

The Joanna Foundation has three funding cycles per year. A Letter of Intent (LOI) is required. Deadlines for LOIs are January 15, May 15 and September 15. LOls must be submitted electronically via email to The Joanna Foundation.

Please read the Pre-Proposal Application Instructions and Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

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