New LOIs will be accepted starting at 12 AM on January 1.

The next submission period for new Letters of Intent (LOIs) will open on January 1, 2021. It will close at 5 pm on January 15 or when we reach the maximum number of 25 eligible applications. While the designated period for submitting LOIs extends to 15 days, having a cap on the number we can accept is necessary to manage the workload so that each application can get a fair and thorough review. If we hit the max, the window closes early. When that happens, a blitz mail will go to our listserv subscribers and a new announcement will appear on the website. Please subscribe to the listserv to get rapid notice of any changes. The signup box appears on the right side of the Application Procedures page as well as every other page on the website except the home page. Thank you for your interest in The Joanna Foundation!