SC Lions Receive Grant from Joanna Foundation

The Joanna Foundation is pleased to announce that residents of Laurens County needing medical services will soon benefit from a grant award.

The Foundation elected to give $2,000 to the SC Lions Foundation (SCLF) which helps to bring health and vision services to the county. The SCLF estimates the funds will be enough to help the SC Lions provide 200 health screenings, 20 co-pays for hearing aids, sponsor the purchase of four hearing aids or pay the majority of the costs for two eye surgeries.

From July 2012 to April 2013, the Lions had over 300 individuals pass through the Mobile Screening Unit in Laurens County and provided funds for 11 eye surgeries, amounting to nearly $80,000 in services provided to the county.

The SCLF and SC Lions Charitable Services, which was founded in 1969, provide vision, hearing, and health services to residents across South Carolina. Through their Mobile Health Screening Unit, the SCLF provides eye exams, glaucoma testing, blood pressure testing, body mass index exams, hearing tests, cataract screening and other health screenings. In the 2012-2013 fiscal year, the SC Lions provided more than $1.4 million in health care services to residents of South Carolina. The SCLF provides 96 percent of its services to school children and helps provide early detection for hearing, vision, and other health issues for the students.

The Joanna Foundation was established in 1945 as a philanthropic corporation in the State of South Carolina with broad charitable purposes. The organization works primarily for the benefit of the citizens of Joanna, home of Joanna Cotton Mills Company.

For more information on the SC Lions Foundation or on the services the Lions provide contact the SC Lions Foundation office at 855-853-6600