The Charleston Museum receives special grant from The Joanna Foundation

On October 24th, The Joanna Foundation Board of Trustees met at The Charleston Museum and made a special grant of $25,000 to the Museum in honor of Mr. Charles E. Menefee, Jr, better known as Charlie. The gift recognizes Charlie Menefee’s exceptional dedication and service as a trustee of The Joanna Foundation for 25 years (1989-2014) and The Charleston Museum for 12 years (1980-1992).

Charlie Menefee (seated) with family members, Joanna Foundation trustees and Museum staff

The funds will support a future renovation of the Natural History Gallery, whose denizens include a polar bear, a prehistoric Carolina crocodile, a right whale that took a wrong turn into Charleston Harbor, and the world’s largest seabird (with a wingspan of 21-ft) which landed at the Charleston airport a few millennia ago.

Read the Resolution in Appreciation of Charles E. Menefee, Jr. here.